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Acer Case Studies

Client Name: Acer

The Challenge: The main goal was to elevate brand awareness (which was at the bottom of the category) make the brand sexier and "cooler to the US market" which targeted high income males. Tasked to research, Plan, create media strategy and assist in communication, product launches and product reviews.

The Program: M3 Media assisted in creating US strategy, planning and execution of the advertising using highly relevant media and media that would not only connect to the high income male but to elevate the brand as a more cutting edge brand by associating the brand with "Cooler/jet-setting" media and the influencers of the category.

The Results: Acer was the number 6 or 7th PC vendor in North America when we first started - with less than 10% share in the PC market. Shortly after, Acer took the number one position globally in netbook sales with over 40% market share and became the #2 computer company worldwide. Acer's brand awareness was under 30% and since has made tremendous strides in elevating the brand awareness to over 85%.

Acer Netbook

Client Name: Acer

The Challenge: Acer wanted to launch a product that a competitor came out with the previous year, but it didn't connect well with the consumer and failed to make any impact. Acer needed a TV commercial that was more edgy and sexy while showcasing the Acer Netbooks 8.9 inch computer, battery life, mobility and ability to connect online anywhere.

The Program: M3 media created a look and feel of the show "Sex in the City" type of parody commercial loaded with double on tundra's to keep the audience riveted and on the edge of their seats. M3 Media created an even more edgy viral version to take it to the next level. To view click here: Acer Netbook Commercial

M3 Media also created two video contests where the client would own all the content produced and to repurpose it as they wish. The contest lived online and M3 created the website, developed the rules, managed the process and secured all the prize partners, fulfillment and handled all the PR including releases media interviews and more. To view the Video Contest Entries click the "Viral Video" tab on the left side.

The Results: The other parts of the campaign (print, online, reviews) went so well in the US that the supply couldn't handle the demand and the commercial could not run in the US. In order to handle this, M3 was tasked to translate the commercial into 7 languages, and played throughout Europe with great success. The Netbook reached #1 worldwide and in the US with over 41+% market share, which is unheard of in the high tech category.

The video contest attracted a ton of traffic and over 50 viral videos were produced for the Netbook and the Timeline Laptop and reached over 4 million impressions and millions of views that continue to this day.

Acer & The Wired Store



Client Name: Acer & Wired Store Publications

The Challenge: Part of the larger US plan for Acer is to connect and develop better media and tech relations to drive positive consumer awareness. The Wired publication is the perfect solution to this challenge, because it hosts several huge events and creates a "Wired Store" annually during the Holidays to show off technology in New York City.

The Program: The M3 Media team negotiated and created an integration plan that included the Acer and Gateway products throughout the Wired Store. The heart of the store featured a full line of Acer computers for all patrons to go online and order the products they liked throughout the store. Gateway touch screens were also on display for customers to engage in the newest technology.

M3 Media provided staff, models in Acer / Intel shirts for product demonstrations as well as PR staff. The WIRED Store brought the Pages of WIRED to life in an interactive shopping environment offering affluent consumers the latest gifts and gear. The sixth annual WIRED Store was a one-stop destination for the stylish tech set, and the holiday press.

M3 Media helped to set up a full roster of premier events, offering advertisers key celebrity gifting, sponsorship and private hospitality opportunities. M3 Media's close relationship with G4 TV secured them to cover the opening night and create a TV show segment, along with full coverage featuring Acer products as the main products.

The Results: The Wired Store was a host to:

■ 32,000+ NYC Shoppers
■ 66,000 Online Shoppers
■ 270 Featured Products
■ 4,000 Guests at 16 Special Events
■ $19 Million in Initiated Sales
■ 400 Million Press Impressions

This exclusive event had more press coverage than ever before. Some highlights and quotes include:

- A "Top Five" event pick by the NYC tourism board!

"Spread over three floors in the Tower Records building and featuring a playground with over 200 products curated by the wizards of techie-cool, the WIRED Store is Sharper Image on drugs."
—New York Press

"The WIRED lifestyle's glossy pages come to life at the 2010 WIRED Store."
—The New York Times

"Both gadget freaks and the tech-averse will find common ground at WIRED's sixth-annual holiday pop-up shop. The interactive loft space offers a glimpse into the future."
—Time Out New York

"Heaven for Techies: The perennially drool-worthy WIRED Store is reopening for the holiday season in the former Tower Records space in NoHo."
—New York Magazine

Images from The Wired Store:

G4 TV Reviews the Acer Aspire Notebook

G4 TV Reviews the Acer Timeline

The Consumer Electronics Show



Client Name: Acer

The Challenge: Acer wanted to be connected to the largest electronic show in the world, but they felt it was premature to be on the main floor and too costly. M3 Media new the importance of the Acer brand being showcased at CES, since it is the largest technology tradeshow held each year in Las Vegas. CES hosts thousands of different technology products/companies, where more than 150,000 industry professionals attend. A record breaking 30,000 overseas visitors experienced the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow. With such a great opportunity for mass exposure, the M3 Media team divided and conquered while participating in several events and product reviews/demonstrations.

The Program: M3 Media crafted a complete plan of event/PR communications strategy. Included in this program, M3 staff hosted an Acer booth in the Higher Education section on the very exclusive floor of CES. This is where the team attracted thousands of industry professionals, guests, and media with their unique booth design and amazing product displays. There were several product reviews featuring M3 Media and the newest Acer products, which included Maximum PC, ABC News, The NY Times, GQ Magazine and several other well-known media companies.

M3 Media also secured custom cover wraps featuring the Acer brand which were produced with Laptop Magazine, Maximum Tech and Maximum PC publications. These cover wraps were mass-distributed in all the surrounding hotels, airports, and on the CES floor giving the impression that Acer was "the major player" during the week long show.

M3 Media helped to launch the first ever dual screen tablet and was able to present it to the tech board and editors of the prestigious Last Gadget Standing Competition. This is where the judge panel made up of tech bloggers, editors and critics review hundreds of new products and dwindle down to the top 10. These top 10 get an opportunity to present their products to the Last Gadget Standing crowd of almost 1,000 tech journalists, editors, and enthusiasts. The goal is to win the much garnered "Last Gadget Standing Award".

The founder of M3 was selected to participate on the panel of the Higher Education conference and within the Higher Education Technology section on the Main floor of CES. The conference showcased how technology is changing the way students learn and professors conduct their classrooms/school work. M3 Media's founder was asked by Acer executives to represent Acer at the Higher Ed Tech Conference where he sat on an elite panel and discussed the benefits each tech product brings to the education departments world-wide.

The Results:

■ 2010- M3 Media represented Acer's first ever 3D Laptop and made the Top 10. The Acer SR. VP and executive requested for the founder of M3 Media to represent Acer and present it to the largest Last Gadget Standing crowd at that time.

■ 2011 was the most successful CES up-to-date with more than 140,000 industry professionals and 30,000 overseas visitors.

■ The M3 Media team presented and WON the infamous Last Gadget Standing competition, gaining over 15 million impressions, $250,000 worth of hard cost in floor space and well in the millions of media value. To watch M3 Media's winning presentation go to:
M3 Media's Winning Presentation

■ To view Press Releases drafted by M3 Media for the Last Gadget Standing Event go to:
M3 Press Release CES 1
M3 Press Release CES 2

■ M3 Media demonstrated and delivered additional presentations which resulted in the Iconia being voted best mobile device by Maximum PC. The winning logo's usage rights were attained by M3 Media for use in upcoming Ads. To view the live demo please go to:
Maximum PC Best Mobile Device CES 2011

■ The Higher Education Technology Conference & Booth allowed IT Students, Professors, and Tech Fans to Demo the Iconia, while M3 Media was handing out Acer Brochures and gaining Constructive feedback through a survey.

■ The FashionWare Show featured the world's hottest tech products at CES that were used as accessories. The Acer Iconia was seen in hand while strutting down the runway and Acer clips on the screens provided a great tie-in and demonstration. Ads were also created and shown in the Brochure. To view the live Fashion Show please go to:
Acer Iconia at CES Tech Fashion Show

Images From CES:


Acer 3D Laptop Commercial Ran at M3 Booth CES 2010:

Liberty Science Center Acer Unveil

Client Name: Acer

The Challenge: Acer just finished work on 5 revolutionary new product lines. In order to maximize exposure and get their name on top of the technology industry, they needed M3 Media's expertise in event planning and ability to attract the media to an event.

The location of the product's unveil was critical to the Acer Group. The site had to be easily accessible to top-level reporters from Europe, the Americas, and the United States. It also had to be as distinctive as Acer products themselves and deliver an exceptional experience to event guests. In the end, the venue selected also provided another benefit – the chance for Acer to assist in the science education of some especially needy students.

The Program: M3 Media found everything they needed at Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park. The Liberty Science Center is a major hands-on science education center located on the banks of the Hudson River overlooking the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City, NJ. The inside of this gorgeous venue was transformed into an elegant/technological display with a huge Imax movie on main display. The 5 new products had the perfect background to be released.

The Results: This event helped put Acer on the map in the U.S. as well as globally. Before this, Acer was the number 5 or 6th PC vendor in North America - with a share of 10% in the PC market. Shortly after, Acer took the number one position globally in Netbook sales with over 40% market share and became the #2 computer company Worldwide. After the event, the CEO of Acer stated, "I was very hesitant having a venue in NJ, but after seeing everything that was done, it turned out to be the best product launch event to date." M3 also produced the Intro and Conclusion video in IMAX that absolutely blew the audience away and became part of conversations for months.

Images From the Liberty Science Center Unveil:

Liberty Science Center Online Pickups

- Computer Shopper

- Outside In

- Netbooks Guides

- Cnet

Liberty Science Center News Article

PC company helps rescue student trips


A leading company in the computer and electronics industry has come to the rescue of Liberty Science Center's "Camp-in" program for local students, officials said.

Acer, which will announce a major new product at the Liberty Science Center tomorrow, will provide financial support to offset the cost to schools for the overnight trips to the Jersey City-based center, officials said.

These "camp-ins" cost about $55 per student and typically 300 kids from a school attend. But because of a lack of funding, many schools have canceled reservations, science center officials said.

"It's wonderful that Acer is combining its high-profile use of our facility with an understanding of the importance of student visits to Liberty Science Center," said Emlyn Koster, president and chief executive officer of Liberty Science Center. "By helping hundreds of students to experience the joy of learning through exhibitions, films and program presentations, Acer is helping us develop the next generation of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)achievers."

Gianpiero Morbello, Acer's vice president of marketing and brand said when the company's executives toured the newly expanded center, they were "amazed."

"Not only is the new building spacious and beautiful, it also offers wonderfully relevant experiences that help young people learn. We understand, indeed we depend upon educational successes in science, technology, engineering and mathematics," Morbello said.


Acer/Gateway NextFest Event



Client Name: Acer & Gateway

The Challenge: M3 Integrated full line of Acer and Gateway technology including Monitors, Laptops into this highly regarded technology event.

The Results: M3 provided staff that demonstrated the new features to the consumers. All attendees had to register to enter on the Acer laptops and complete quick survey helping us awareness levels and historical experiences with Acer or Gateway products.M3 secured onsite, online exposure and research that provided a clear understanding of where they were in the market place.
- Visitors: 70,167
- Interaction with Acer via NextFest Survey 938
- Unique Visitors: 145,535

Images From the Event:


Trimspa Case Studies



Client Name: Trimspa

The Challenge: The founder of M3 Media, previously as an executive building brands on the corporate side, was tasked with building the product called "Trimspa". He thought the product was tough enough with a name that has "Spa" in it however, when you layer on the budgets that were little to NONE it was thought to be impossible or maybe even a joke.

The Program: John Cowan Created the vision, strategy, game plan to build the brand, motivated the small team to believe it can be done and personally executed on every aspect of the plan. This was needed and his vision and plan ended up transforming the nutritional industry and weight-loss category forever.

The Results: In just under 3 years, Trimspa achieved the much garnered #1 SKU (product) in Wal-Mart, and the #1 weight loss product in the US was accomplished. John weaved Trimspa into the fabric of America in entertainment content, partnering with, creating or producing TV shows that featured Trimspa as a star in the programs, affiliate programs, created countless partners to share cost and exposure, executed full circle media exposure, provided content to networks and much more. John built many divisions of the company to sustain growth for years. By handling all media executions and public relations he was able to maximize every penny of exposure and ROI. The end result was building budgets from almost zero to 55 million and continued to manage budgets over 55 million. Driving sales from the shelves became a science and necessity to achieve distribution exceeding 100,000 retail locations.
Below you can see a few projects that were implemented.

The Victor Awards

Client Name: Victor Awards/Trimspa

The Challenge: Trimspa was looking to partner up with charitable organizations that were giving back and making a difference. After some extensive research, the goal was to partner with The Victor Awards and the City of Hope as well as align the brand with positive and worthy exposure. A main challenge was to help drive exposure for all involved in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the City of Hope to fight cancer. This would also benefit The World located at the renowned City of Hope Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

The Program: Using our relationships in media, we successfully aligned Trimspa with The Victor Awards & City of Hope. Since The Victor Awards consistently attract sports legends and famous presenters alike and the City of Hope is such a great charitable organization, it was no doubt that this would result in maximum-positive exposure for all.

The Results:John Cowan, now founder of M3 Media, provided a presentation to hundreds of sports athletes, actors, and philanthropists from around the world to help raise awareness and funds to the worthy cause. The TV show garnered 1.3 million viewers, gaining positive exposure and was a huge success in raising funds and building alliances with supporting organizations.

Images From The Victor Awards:

Mrs. America Events & TV Show



Client Name: Mrs. America & Trimspa

The Challenge: The Trimspa brand core demographic was women (mainly mothers) that were 35-54 years of age. As part of a larger plan connecting to organizations that reach into the grass roots of the target demographic, we looked to the Mrs. America organization. Mrs. America supports multiple telecasts on WE-TV with 10 million+ viewers, most of which are women 35+ years old. We saw tremendous opportunity to create a massive grass root campaign, positive brand exposure as well as deliver hundreds of millions of multi-media impressions and pulled the trigger.

The Program: Mrs. America gave M3 Media the opportunity to reach 68 million married women, their families, friends and communities across the U.S. By linking with Mrs. America, the brand received grassroots visibility at all state events, on stage presentations, full page ads in all state & national souvenir yearbooks, product sampling, signage, and Mrs. America on the worldwide web.

The Results:The Mrs. America primetime TV Special on WE-TV received multiple telecasts reaching 63 million households nationwide with every telecast. The special was seen 7 times nationally to date, and also aired on the Military channel throughout the world. The event was highly promoted by WE-TV and our commercials ran continuously throughout the show and promotional segment. 89% of the contestants used Trimspa with great success and became Trimspa evangelists throughout the country.

Images From Mrs. America:

Trimspa & Breezes Resort Promotions



Client Name: Trimspa & Breezes Resort

The Challenge: By joining the forces of Breezes Resort in the Bahamas with Trimspa, there is a tremendous opportunity for a successful multi-media campaign. Hosting events and promoting Breezes resort would gain massive exposure to itself and the Trimspa Brand.

The Program: Trimspa and Breezes resort was featured on 60 Spot Integration including cable networks like E!, AMC, Fit TV, CMT, Lifetime, MTV2, LOGO, PAX, MTV, TV Guide, WE, VH1, WB 100 and WGN. There were also several syndicated programs including Cheaters, Eye for and Eye, Fear Factor, The Daily Buzz, Starting Over, The Nanny, and Mad About You. There was also a commercial produced to advertise our co-promotion with Bahamas Breezes and the Mercedes SLK Convertible. 12,000 interested participants received contest registration packets, all of which included the Bahamas Breezes Fact Sheet. In addition, they received this beautiful destination guide which incorporated images from the resort as well as amenities and fun facts lifted from the corporate website. Our team created continuity programs for the contestants to keep them focused and excited. One piece of collateral material they received was this Trimspa Challenge Bahamas Breezes Calendar.

The Results: The total television media value delivered was in excess of $2,160,000 and (2,680+) :60 spots combined between Cable, Satellite and Syndication. Leveraging the video footage and images taken on site garnered additional post event exposure on CNN, Headline News, MSNBC, multiple ABC affiliates and many more. A National Press Release was put out on the AP wire recapping the successful event and 10 Local Press Releases were done among each of the winner's states. Exposing Bahamas Breezes in over $2,160,000 worth of Media value, 100+ million national impressions and positive publicity online, in the news and on the radio! In addition, it's almost impossible to put a dollar value on the tremendous amount of additional PR exposure that the resort received, but being conservative its well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We produced the TV Show Million Dollar Make-over Challenge and negotiated and secured the show to air on the E! channel many times and repurposed the show since we owned the rights to run on the WGN Network. The show on E delivered 1.5 Million viewers and ran multiple times. The WGN Network attracted over 1 million viewers.

To View More Info on Trimspa & Breezes Cross Promotion Click:
- Trimpsa Cross Promotion Recap PDF

Images From the Trimspa & Breezes Cross-Promotion:

Trimspa & Breezes Commercial

Indy 500 Event supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation



Client Name: Trimspa and Make-A- Wish Partners

The Challenge: Hosting an event with the main objective to deliver exposure to the brand and partners and align ourselves with the largest event in sports.

The Results: Media coverage and celebrity supporting the cause was off the chart. It was an emotionally energized experience for all. Besides the TV coverage we had in the race reaching 400,000 spectators, TV show reaching 2 million and media coverage exceeding 6 million impressions. Touching the heart and making wishes come true far exceeded the original wish. See below coverage samples.

Images From the Trimspa & Make-A-Wish Event:

LG Case Studies

LG Iron Man II


Client Name: LG

The Challenge: To create a complete program that provided a strong compelling message that drives foot traffic and TV sales at Best Buy.

The Program: M3 Media partnered with Iron Man II for the creative rights to use in the commercial, POP, fliers, Mobile, Online sites, to help tell the story and help in driving sales. M3 Media created a complete "Turn-Key promotion". The goal of the campaign was to cross-promote the theatrical release of Iron Man II and to drive consumers to their local Best Buy to learn more about the LG LE5400 LED TV and the BD570 Network Blu-ray Disc Player or the LHB335 Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System. Once in Best Buy, consumers could see a Point of Purchase display which featured the Iron Man character.
M3 Media planned , secured all media, produced and executed the following:

On-Air: Custom produced :30 and :15 second spots promoting the theatrical release of Iron Man II and driving consumers to their local Best Buy.
Online: Custom LG Electronic banners ran on the seven Network websites. The banners linked to the lgironman.com micro-site where viewers could learn more about the LG products.
Wireless: A custom LG mobile campaign ran on the seven station mobile sites. The WAP page gave viewers the ability to watch the movie trailer on their phone and learn more about the LG products.
Point of Purchase Display: Produced custom Point of Purchase displays which were a part of the LG Home Theater end-cap displays in Best Buy locations across America.

The Results: LG increased sales rapidly and dramatically increased brand awareness. The LG/Ironman commercial is considered to be one of the hottest commercials throughout all the promotions at Best Buy. The campaign boosted sales in Best Buy and helped elevated Iron Man 2 to number 1 movie in the world.

LG Iron Man II Commercial:

LG Iron Man II & Best Buy Images:


- LG Iron Man II Campaign Recap PDF


Client Name: LG

The Challenge: In order to target 30+ markets, LG wanted to do newspaper advertising in key select markets throughout the country to support all retailers. The goal was to drive sales to these selected retail partners.

The Program: M3 Media executed and planned the buy for select newspaper based on relevance, income and buying cycles.

The Results: Huge success with all the retailers involved, showing tremendous growth and market penetration. See below for images, added research, analysis & full recap:


- LG ROP Campaign RAM Survey Results PDF

- LG NY Daily Ad

- LG Indianapolis Star

LG 1st Annual Kids Clinic & WFAN

Client Name: LG

The Challenge: LG wanted to connect to a customer base in sports, but they wanted a promotion that was engaging to the consumer as well as support the local retailers (6th Ave.) Also, LG wanted to do something that would be memorable, exciting and engaging for the consumers.

The Program:

The Results:M3 media created a complete program with WFAN Radio and established the 1st annual LG Kids clinic at Citi Field. This was a fun family event and also got phenomenal foot traffic with people talking about it for months after.

Images From LG 1st Annual Kids Clinic:

LG In-Store Contest Images:


- The First Annual LG-Kids Clinic at Citi Field


Microsoft Case Studies


Client Name: Microsoft

The Challenge: Partner up with like-minded companies and share the cost on promotions in-stores (Sears, Best Buy, Circuit City, 6th Ave).

The Program: M3 Media helped to create bundle promotions and bring in other manufacturers to cross-promote and drive sales through FSI's. Circulars and Point of Purchase in store. M3 cross promoted products and created bundle specials enticing consumers to buy included XBOX 360, Halo, Madden, LG TV's, Surround sound systems, and electronic furniture.

The Results: We have done many of these and success became very duplicable and advanced to other retailers.

Microsoft Retail & Internal Contests

Client Name: Microsoft

The Challenge: To create contests and sweepstakes at stores that allowed sales contests.

The Program: M3 Media created sweepstakes for consumers and internal contests with the retail sales team that included trips to NCAA finals, Orange Bowl and more.

The Results: Contests proved to increase ROI and sales teams became ambassadors for the LG brand.

PNC Case Studies

PNC & Bernardsville Chamber of Commerce

Client Name: PNC

The Challenge: To establish better relations and to align themselves with the local business community while building loyal customers.

The Program: M3 Media created a cross promotion with Bernardsville Chamber of Commerce to bring awareness and promote the businesses of Bernardsville, NJ. M3 used radio to promote the "Sounds around town" where businesses went to the sidewalks and parking lots throughout the town. M3 Media secured and established song writer and musician "Huck'' to elevate the excitement and exposure of the event. PNC was able to get thousands of brochures and staff to engage potential customers and meet business owners in a friendly and engaging way.

M3 Media assisted in planning the event, bringing all the parties together, help to fund the project, placed the media buy, provided PR staff and support to the event, wrote and produced the radio commercial, secured music rights and used Huck's music in the commercial.

The Results:The result was the largest town event in history and a sure model of success that continues annually. Media coverage started on the cover page (as seen below) and was throughout the entire newspaper that covered the 5 towns around Bernardsville. PNC was the front runner of exposure and developed not only better relations in town, but they now have life-long loyal customers that they didn't have prior to the event.

Circuit City Case Studies

Circuit City

Client Name: Circuit City

The Challenge: They needed to create an environment where customers could experience the games in an engaging way in the store prior to buying the product.

The Program: M3 Media was brought in by Microsoft to assist in bringing all the key players in to have social gaming in the stores and promote the section in a fair and balanced way where all can benefit from the in-store exposure. Microsoft XBOX, Halo 3, Madden, (many games) Guitar Hero, LG TV's, Wii and more were all part of this well designed social gaming section.

The Results: This type of area is now duplicated throughout all Best Buys and has proven to be very successful in driving sales through engaging the games before you buy.

In-Store Circuit City Promo Images:

Gateway Case Studies

Client Name: Gateway

The Challenge: Has one of the strongest names and continues to have the #1 or #2 slot for brand awareness. The goal was to keep the brand in front of the consumers with a minimal budget.

The Program & Results: To help keep the Gateway brand alive and flourishing with minimal cost, M3 deployed online programs, media buys and product integration in prime time TV shows and feature films. We also provided a fully engaging experience to thousands of consumers at the Wired Store during the launch of the Gateway touch screen and had a segment created that aired on G4 TV.

Weight Watchers Case Studies

Weight Watchers

Client Name: Weight Watchers

The Challenge: To help drive new customers to critical locations throughout the US.

The Program: M3 Media has a great deal of expertise in this category so they were brought in to raise the bar of exposure and personalize the message to help motivate the prospective clients to action. M3 Media researched, planned, and executed the Newspaper buys using Full page ads and select FSI. The distribution was carefully selected based on zip code, geographic, demographic, and psychographic profiles. M3 also provided PR exposure, secured testimonials and lined up interviews with editors and journalist in many markets. Articles became another extension of exposure and delivery for our clients.

The Results: The campaign was a huge success driving hundreds of new customers into the Weight Watchers programs.

Steady Form Outdoors Case Studies

Steady Form Outdoors

Client Name: Steady Form Outdoors

Category: Outdoors /Hunting/Target shooting- Product- Bow accessory

The Challenge: To help drive new customers to critical locations throughout the US.

The Program: Created the vision, strategy, game plan to build the brand, created all marketing assets, information website and e-commerce site, all POP materials for signage, Design Trade Show booth. Video production- Product demonstrations, installation and testimonial videos.

Commercials: Scripted and produced HD- Network quality Direct Response Commercials :60 and multiple :30 commercials

Media Planned and executed: Social Networking, Network TV, Sports Channel, Magazines, The Outdoor Shopper TV segments, email campaigns, search and Blogs.

Public Relations: Press Releases, Press coverage, Radio and Industry TV interviews, 200 plus product reviews, Product integration on multiple shows, and Trade Show support.

Awards: Received the highest honor in the industry for a quality and effective product achieved the NAH Seal of approval- used on our packaging and all marketing materials

Distribution: Largest distributors in the industry: Kinsey’s, ARRO Distributor, NABA Distributor

Retailers: Cabela’s all stores across US, Mom and POPs across US

Licensing: World’s largest manufacturer in industry MATHEWS Inc.

The Results: In just under 1.2 years Steady Form became a well-known product in the industry, we produced 4 SKU’s for the brand, achieved National distribution and a successful business relationship with the largest retailer in the outdoor industry Cabela’s. Partnered with several outdoor TV Shows featuring Steady Form in the shows, created many affiliate programs, partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry carrying and selling over 120 products on our e-commerce website.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Acer "The One" Final Commercial

Acer "The One" French

Acer "The One" Italian

Acer "The One" Casting
Acer 3D Laptop Commercial Ran at M3 Booth CES 2010:

LG & Best Buy Digital Switch Commercial- getlg.tv contest

LG Consumer Electronics Partner- PC Richard & Son Commercial

LG Borderless TV- NCAA hhgregg

LG Consumer Electronics Partner- PC Richard & Son Commercial

LG Borderless TV- American TV Commercial

LG Iron Man II Commercial:

Acer Aspire Timeline Commercial


Acer Aspire Commercial

Stills From The Commercial Shoot:

Steady Form 30 spot w myles and shots

Steady Form's Torque Eliminator :60

The Outdoor Shopper - Steady Form

Anna Nicole Smith Trimspa spots

Red Carpet Events

ACER Gramercy Park Billboard NYC

ACER Taxi Cab Ads NYC


Acer 8 Hour Contest Viral Videos:

Acer Aspire Timeline 8+ Hour Online Video Contest Promo Video

"LG Touchdown All Rules"

Acer 8 Saves The World


"From 8+ hours in the future"

"The airport"



"Long Lasting"

"8 Hours In Motion"


"Acer Beats"

"Cyber Love-Making"

"Gnomes Stole my Acer Aspire One ..."

"Acer Aspire One Netbook Space"

"Dance Good Time for Acer Aspire One Netbook"

"Film For Acer Aspire One"

"Acer Aspire One Netbook Rap"

"Hang Gliding With The Acer"

"Acer Aspire One Netbook"

Acer Aspire "Size Matters"

M3 Media's Partner Premier Entertainment:


Acer Product Integration 2010

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Acer In Resident Evil

The Glades 1

The Glades 2

Big Love 1

Big Love 2

Shameless Gateway

Class Hallmark

Fixing Pete - Hallmark

Bernie Featuring: Matthew McCoughey

Gemini Rising - A Feature Film

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