M3 Media makes innovative Mobile Media Work for You.


Today’s media environment is changing so fast … what worked previously, may not work today… and will certainly change tomorrow. M3 can help you better leverage and understand your options based on your goals, audience and budget. Executing efficient and effective ad campaigns for all clients, regardless of size and across all media- TV, print, radio, online, outdoor and mobile. M3 helps Brands increase sales and market share with the most innovative technology tools that work and track their performance.

Mobile Growth is expected by the experts to surpass desktop online spending by next year and by delivering location-based mobile ads directly to consumers' smartphones for stakeholders in the Retail, entertainment industry, and out of home industries it is no surprise. Combining the wealth of data provided by our network with our ability to serve ads at times and places when consumers, fans, movie-goers, and entertainment lovers are most interested, we can create contextually relevant content for consumers.

Our reach extends over 400 million consumers across hundreds of mobile applications nationwide, giving us the capacity to deliver over 40 billion geo-targeted impressions each month.

Location-based mobile marketing is forecasted to be the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry over the next several years, growing at almost 50% annually to a market size of nearly $3 billion in 2015.

The Mobile Audience's mobile network covers the entire world. Our ads are placed in over 50,000 apps, across all the content categories within both the Android and iTunes App stores, * No erotic, offensive Or ultra- violent publishers. Sample Apps: New York Times, Huffington Post, Weather Bug, BBC Weather, TextNow, OKCupid, Free Flow, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Associated Press, Pandora, The Score, Flixster, eHow, NBC Sports, Fox News.


Geo-fencing is the creation of a digital perimeter around a point of interest (see Targeting Capabilities) and delivering advertisements to mobile devices that penetrate this zone.


By collecting vast amounts of data, The Mobile Audience can create audience profiles and custom segments for targeting purposes. These include specific retail consumers , college students, sports fans, music enthusiasts, urban dwellers, moviegoers and others, This is done using performance data from previous campaigns along with travel patterns of users on the network. These custom segments can be leveraged when running Geo- fencing and Retargeting Campaigns.


Identifying devices that previously passed by one or multiple points of interest, even if we didn't run a geo-fencing campaign over that area. An active campaign is not necessary in order to capture previous data sets towards the necessary target audience for future campaigns.